Soda Dungeon Wiki

VIP Upgrades are a set of special upgrades accessible through the Tavern Owner after passing level 50, and include a number of utility-type upgrades, plus 2 more soda types.

Though you require level 50 to be able to access the VIP store, any upgrades purchased are still available and in effect regardless of what level you're on.


Fury X-Treme (Fury X)[]

Grants 100 Reputation, and allows you to recruit Ragezerkers if you have enough reputation (1000).

Unlike other VIP upgrades, Purchase of this is per-dimension, and it will be removed on going to a new dimension similar to cola tap purchases.

(500k Gold)

Coat Check (Coat)[]

Exactly what it says on the tin; allows you to save a hero's current equipment via their info screen. Once a loadout is saved, on future auto-equips the game will attempt to use the same equipment.

Saved loadouts will use exact same gear, and will not upgrade to higher lvl's of same items. (loadout with a lvl 3 wand will not equip a lvl 5 wand even if available)

(250k Gold)

Pet Stables (Stables)[]

Adds a stable next to the tavern where you can access Pets.

(500k Gold)


Upon completing a dungeon run (or Arena), if you earned any Essence, you will gain an extra 5% Essence per Gnomes level. Maxes at level 6 (+30%).

(50k/100k/250k/500k/750k/1M Gold)


When entering a new dimension, you start with 1000G per Inherit level. Maxes at level 6 (6000G).

(25k/50k/75k/100k/125k/150k Gold)

P. Warp[]

Allows you to immediately jump to a higher level in a new dimension, in intervals of 100. Maxes at level 8 (+800 warp).

(50k/100k/150k/200k/250k/300k/350k/400k Gold)

Magic Well (Magic W)[]

Adds a well outside the tavern, which you can use to trade Gold for Essence, at a rate of 5000G per Essence. (200 Essence per 1 million gold)

(350k Gold)

Customize (Custom)[]

Allows you to change how your heroes look, using parts earned through completing achievements.

(5 Million Gold)


Acts as a permanent Stone of Sight, enabling you to always see enemy HP without using a Special Item slot. Can be toggled on or off in the VIP store.

(100 Million Gold)

Magic Clock (M. Clock)[]

Speeds up the game considerably, by shortening most animations. The game can go anywhere between 50% and 300% faster depending on what attacks are used. Like the All-Sight, can be toggled on or off in the VIP Store.

(500 Million Gold)

Tap Select (T. Select)[]

Toggle taps to customize your hiring pool.

( 1 Mystic Cap (1.5 Billion Gold)

Void Cola[]

Grants 100 Reputation, and allows you to recruit Shifters if you have enough reputation (1000).

( 5 Mystic Caps (7.5 Billion Gold)