Soda Dungeon Wiki

Tavern Upgrades[]

Upgrading the Tavern gives the player various benefits and enhancements to the player's party.

Tavern Upgrades are PERMANENT, so once purchased they won't go away when entering a new dimension.


By buying Stools, Tables, Beds, and new Decor, the player can increase the reputation of the tavern to attract more patrons to choose from at a time. The player must increase the reputation of the tavern in order to unlock different types of patrons to hire.


Tavern Stools.png

Each Stool beyond the first has a 50% chance of attracting a patron to hire. Maximum of 6 can be bought with +10 Reputation each.

(Cost: 10 / 50 / 250 / 500 / 1k Gold)


Tavern Tables.png

Each Table has a 75% chance of attracting a patron to hire. Maximum of 6 can be bought with +25 Reputation each.

(Cost: 100 / 250 / 500 / 1k / 2.5k / 5k Gold)


Tavern Beds.png

For a fee, players can refresh their choice of tavern patrons. Can be used to hire a full team. Fees increase by 10 gold each time a patron is hired up to 60 gold, although it only increases to 60 if you have a full party. Increases Reputation +10.

(Cost: 100 Gold)


Tavern Decor.png

Upgrades the look of everything in the tavern. +50 reputation for each level. Maximum of 3 levels

(Cost: 500 / 2.5k / 5k Gold)


Tavern Casks.png

Purchasing Casks gives the player a discount when hiring patrons. Each Cask gives a 5% discount with 11 casks total can be bought.

(Cost: 75 / 200 / 500 / 1k / 5k / 10k / 10k / 25k / 25k / 50k Gold)


Tavern Armory.png

Allows the salesman to offer stronger items for your adventurer! New equipment is available to purchase as the player progresses through the dungeon. Additionally, the player may sell or liquidate equipment for gold. Increases reputation by +10.

(Cost: 50 Gold)


Tavern Wizard.png

The wizard can warp players farther into the dungeon. Only warps to locations players have passed. Increases Reputation +10.

(Cost: 200 Gold)


Tavern Kitchen.png

Each Kitchen upgrade gives a 2% percent boost the party's HP. Maximum of 10 levels can be bought. Above 7/10 there is a chance of Dinner Boy versions of Soda junkies to appear at tables only if auto-equip is set to 'never'.

(Cost 1k / 2k / 4k / 7.5k / 10k / 15k / 20k / 25k / 35k / 50k Gold)


Tavern Banker.png

Players can earn a Return Of Investment for their gold when they are not playing. 6 levels can be bought. Ideally, the more money the player has the more money is received. The banker can give up to a maximum of 10 million[1]

(Cost: 2K / 5K / 15K / 25K / 50K / 100K Gold)


Tavern NoAds.png

No more Popup-Ads!. Increases Reputation by +50. AP