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Relics provide additional points to a specific stat for each of your party members.

Spending Essence or Mystic Caps increases their effectiveness. Is also possible to increase a relic level by +10 or +100 spending a mystic cap, even if is almost always more expensive than leveling with essence.

The cost of each relic level (in essence) is determined by the equation: relic level^1.3

They are earned by successfully completing a dimension and when you move to the next one.

Below they are in the order in which they appear.

Relic Badges[]

These Badges increase all of the base stats (HP, ATK, MP) of specific patrons by +2 per level and gives them a new skill. They are earned by successfully completing a dimension and when you move to the next one.

Relic Skill Name Type Effects
Relic SodaJunkie.png Relic of Soda Junkie Twitchy Passive 20% chance to evade
Relic Ruffian.png Relic of Ruffian Dagger Toss Active Hits 3 random targets
Relic Conscript.png Relic of Conscript Lethal Tactic Passive 50% bonus crit damage
Relic Fighter.png Relic of Fighter Pile Driver Active Damaging attack causing 3x attack power
Relic Conjurer.png Relic of Conjurer Divination Passive 10% additional essence find chance
Relic Healer.png Relic of Healer Refresh Active Group heals HP, status effects
Relic Thief.png Relic of Thief Crit Master Passive 15% crit chance, 15% crit damage
Relic Knight.png Relic of Knight Smite Active Damage and burn group
Relic Merchant.png Relic of Merchant Affluence Active 1000G, damages entire group
Relic Darkmage.png Relic of Darkmage Necroblast Active High magic damage to single target

Mystic Cap Relics[]

These Relics become available after 50 Mystic Caps Icon cap.png have been earned. This opens the Inter-Dimensional Portal allowing you to purchase these relics directly from the creator.


Relic Badges[]

These Badges increase the all of the base stats (HP, ATK, MP) of specific patrons/premium characters by +2 per level. Unlike the Relic Badges above, these don't provide any extra skills for the adventurers below.

Relic Cost (Mystic Caps Icon cap.png)
Relic Ragezerker.png Relic of Ragezerker 100
Relic Gladiator.png Relic of Gladiator 125
Relic Shopkeeper.png Relic of Shopkeeper 200
Relic Wizard.png Relic of Wizard 250
Relic Owner.png Relic of Owner 500
Relic Shifter.png Relic of Shifter 1,000