Soda Dungeon Wiki

Pets can be bought from the Stables, which are purchased in the VIP Upgrades. The Stables are a small building, just outside the Tavern. In the Stables, you can buy and manage your pets. Each pet increases a different stat. Only one pet can be equipped at once. All pets level up automatically by equipping them and bringing them into battles. Pets can reach a maximum of level 6.

You need to bring your Pet into the following number of Battles to level it up:

  • 100 Battles: Level 1 → Level 2
  • 150 Battles: Level 2 → Level 3
  • 250 Battles: Level 3 → Level 4
  • 500 Battles: Level 4 → Level 5
  • 1500 Battles: Level 5 → Level 6

List of Pets[]

Pet Name Stat Stat at Level 6 Image Cost
Robbie (Android exclusive) +% chance of better items +6% chance of better items Robbie fly.gif free
Ray +MP +30 MP Ray fly.gif free
Ernie +HP +30 HP Ernie fly.gif 1 Mil. Icon gold.png
Crespia +ATK +30 ATK Crespia fly.gif 2 Mil. Icon gold.png
Jenny +% Gold earned +30 % Gold earned Jenny fly.gif 3 Mil. Icon gold.png
Norm +% boost to physical attacks +30 % boost to physical attacks Norm fly.gif 4 Mil. Icon gold.png
Charlie +% boost to magic attacks +30 % boost to magic attacks Charlie fly.gif 4 Mil Icon gold.png
Dasha +MP regen per turn +6 MP regen per turn Dasha fly.gif 4 Mil. Icon gold.png
Tufts +HP regen per turn +12 HP regen per turn Tufts fly.gif 4 Mil Icon gold.png
Steamy (Steam exclusive) % boost to team magic crit dmg +6% magic crit dmg Steamy.gif 5 Mil Icon gold.png