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There are currently 12 patron classes in the game, each with its own skills and bonuses:

Premium Characters[]

There are currently 4 premium classes in the game that can be unlocked with real money or Mystic Caps:


You can hire up to 5 Patrons into your Party. It is used to explore the Dungeon for Equipment, Gold and later also Essence.

3 of your 5 Party Members stay on the left side in front of the monsters while 2 of your Party Members stay behind them. The flanking Patrons gain a 50% bonus Damage to physical Attacks.


When all of your Party Members flee, your Dungeon exploring ends. After that you will see the Loot Screen showing which Items you've found, how much Gold and Essence you farmed and how many Monsters you've killed during your exploration. Once every 1 hour, you will have the option to revive your patrons by watching an Ad (mobile only, limit 1 per Dungeon exploration).