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Lair of Despair unlocks in Dimension 2 after reaching level 100. This is the only place you can acquire mythic quality equipment.

The Lair of Despair is first available in the Dimension 2, and can be accessed by talking to Fabulo, who flies in a yellow jacket while fanning himself above the portal gate.

There is an extended dialog when the ghost first appears, thereafter he waits as an optional dungeon element.

The dungeons progress through the 100 levels; however, the adversaries are set up to be the inverse of some of the standard monsters and this has different backgrounds than the standard dungeon. The monsters are tougher than their normal counterparts. The treasure in the boss chests appears to be standard. Like the normal dungeons, you must progress starting from level 1, but after that, you will be able to warp to the start of up to the highest set of floors that you unlocked (e.g. 1, 11, 21, etc...). However, unlike the main dungeon, you must use Essence to warp to a specific floor instead of Gold.

Any images posted to this article showing the adversaries described, are owned by the copyright holders of the Soda Dungeon game, and the images have not been edited in any way other than cropping them to a reasonable size to show the particular adversary identified in the image name. Names and pictures of encountered enemies can be seen in the game by going to the Bestiary and tapping the picture of the monster it's the counterpart of. An asterik next to an enemy's name in the Bestiary means you have encountered its Lair of Despair counterpart. Additionally, all enemies have all the same attacks and skills as their main game counterparts rather than ones of their own, with the exception of Fabulo.



Monster Name Counterpart HP ATK Skills
Zap rat.PNG
Zap Rat Rat 232 36 -
Scaredy Snail 232 36 -
Captain smiles.PNG
Captain Smiles Rabbit 233 37 -
Turkey dinner.PNG
Turkey Dinner Chicken 233 37 -
Gabble Brown Chicken 245 40 -
Doom bell.PNG
Doom Bell Tulip 245 40 -
Admiral carrots.PNG
Admiral Carrots Zombie Rat 247 40 -
Other castle.PNG
Other Castle Shroom 249 40 -
Second life.PNG
Second Life Sick Shroom 250 40 Infect
Choco Slime 250 41 -
Mr cuddles.PNG
Mr. Cuddles Goblin 250 41 -
Lime ring.PNG
Lime Ring Uranium 254 42 -
(...) Hobgoblin 254 42 -
Eye scream.PNG
Eye Scream Evil Eye 256 42 -
Prickly Living Weapon 256 43 -
Cuddlor Baby Dragon 265 50 -
Bucket bearer.PNG
Bucket Bearer Troll 358 47 -
Boninator Bones 380 55 -
The nightmare.PNG
The Nightmare War Troll 390 57 -
Sunflower Bad Seed 395 58 -
Infernal ivy.PNG
Infernal Ivy Man Eater 400 58 -
Gumdrop golem.PNG
Gumdrop Golem Golem 430 52 Rock
Hug bug.PNG
Hug Bug Plague Beetle 475 65 -
Love dragon.PNG
Love Dragon Dragon 490 75 -

Carefree Caverns[]

Levels 21-30[]

Name Counterpart HP Thumbnail
Love Bug Tarantula 260
Pink tarantula.jpg
Hypno Lamp. Can use Pyroblast. Flame Core 262
Hot wax lamp.jpg
Despair Bloom Golden Bell 262
Dancing flower person.jpg
Dancing flower person eyes-closed.jpg
Sports Accessory Devil's Eye 265
Blue ball dk blue.jpg
Blue ball white.jpg
Dewey Phoenix 265
Quacking Duck.jpg
Happy Face Lost Soul 270
Happy floating skull.jpg
Lilpop Lil' Butcher 270
Pink humanoid lollipop.jpg
Wish of Happy. Level 25 boss. Genie 405
Happy rainbow genie.jpg
Stressed Gummy Man. Alternate Level 25 boss. Can use Pyroblast. Napalm Man 410
Gummy Man.jpg
Fiesta Frankie Centurion 400
Dia de los Muertos Bones.jpg
Trippy Drake. Alternate Level 30 or 40 Boss. Can use Pyroblast. Volcanic Dragon 510
Multi-colored breathing dragon.jpg
Spots. Level 30 boss. Ash Beetle 485
Red lady-bug beetle.jpg
Tubguy. Level 30 or 40 boss. Can use Pyroblast. Demon 500
Purple Demon Bubble Bath.jpg

Levels 31-40[]

Name Counterpart HP Thumbnail
Doom Spoon Cursed Sword 273
Spork eyes-open.jpg
Spork eyes-closed.jpg
Cuddles McCuddleston Infernal Goblin 273
Teddy-bear Star-wand.jpg
Lilstar Lil' Devil 275
Smiling pink humanoid Star.jpg
Lilcotton Lil' Frank 276
Smiling peach humanoid Cotton-candy.jpg
Beach Babe Medusa 277
Snake-woman ball-down.jpg
Snake-woman ball-up.jpg
Purple Twertle. Can use Pyroblast. Magma Snapper 279
Purple-Masked Snapper mouth-open.jpg
Purple-Masked Snapper mouth-closed.jpg
Murica. Can use Pyroblast. Troll Arsonist 280
Fast-food Troll.jpg
Carmel Flan Flowstone 330
Chocolate Cherry Sundae.jpg
Seer Giant. Level 35 boss. Crusher 425
Amethyst Golem eye-open.jpg
Amethyst Golem eye-closed.jpg
Family Feast. Level 35 boss. Can use Pyroblast. Fire Bird 420
Headless Turkey.jpg
Trippy Drake. Alternate Level 30 or 40 Boss. Can use Pyroblast. Volcanic Dragon 510
Multi-colored breathing dragon.jpg
Hell Spa. Level 30 or 40 boss. Can use Pyroblast. Hellspawn 500
Purple Demon Bubble Bath.jpg
Dragon Night. Can use Pyroblast. Skorchie 285

Temple of Bliss[]

Levels 41-50[]

Name Counterpart HP Thumbnail
Snakey Leech 285
Smiling leech.jpg
Fuzzo Sand Pest 287
Pink Crab.jpg
Pink crab squinting.jpg
Larry. Can use Infect. Slimy 287
Multi-colored snail.jpg
Multi-colored snail squinting.jpg
Screamer Jolly Roger 289
Smiling floating skull.jpg
Winston. Can use Infect. Orbis 290
Smile-face volleyball.jpg
Smile-face volleyball down.jpg
Googley Rock Face 292
Smiling pet rock.jpg
Five Star Meal Lobster Man 295
Lobster meal.jpg
Vacation Lobster. Only enemy that's the same in both dungeons. Vacation Lobster

(No Change)

Smiling sunglass lobsterman.jpg
Harp. Level 45 boss. Mermaid ---
Blond mermaid playing lyre.jpg
Peking Duck. Level 45 boss. Lovebird 450
Headless Spicy Turkey.jpg
Distraught Gummy Man. Alternate Level 45 and 60 boss. Aqueous Form 600
Gummy man two-bite.jpg
Maiden. Level 50 boss henchman. Can use Infect. Sea Hag 500
Blond lady playing lyre.jpg
Angel Hair. Level 50 Boss Siren 550
Blond angel playing lyre.jpg

Levels 51-60[]

Name Counterpart HP Thumbnail
Googley Twins Rock Twins 295
Smiling double pet rock.jpg
Wormy Driller 297
Smiling green leech.jpg
Together Tarantula. Can use Infect. Blue Recluse 299
Gotlayed Paradise Bird 301
Fuschia chicken lamp.jpg
Trippy Pop Crystal 301
Rainbow candy ring pop.jpg
Buzzo. Can use Infect. Scorpion 303
Red crab.jpg
Red crab squinting.jpg
Kawa Bunga Gemshell 310
Red-Masked Snapper mouth-open.jpg
Red-Masked Snapper mouth-closed.jpg
Googley Totem Rock Totem 315
Smiling triple pet rock.jpg
Lobster Dinner James 305
Lobster supper.jpg
Musical Wish. Level 55 boss. Veldara 490
Blue Genie prism.jpg
Blue Genie rainbow.jpg
Rhubarb. Level 55 boss. Can use Infect. Toxicant 500
Red white-dot plant pot.jpg
Winter Wonderland. Level 60 boss. Can use Infect. Zissou 600
Floating snow globe.jpg

Jubilant City[]

Levels 61-70[]

Name Counterpart HP Thumbnail
Lovestruck Ghost Apparition 312
Loving floating skull regular.jpg
Loving floating skull.jpg
Watermelon Chill Cold Crystal 317
Ice-blue candy ring pop.jpg
SOCCER Ball. Can use Icy Tomb. Crystal Ball 315
Soccer-ball up.jpg
Soccer-ball down.jpg
OBEY. Can use Sweet Dreams. Hypno 317
Large Snail.jpg
Devil Seed Blaue Blume 314
Dancing blue flower person.jpg
Clockwork Blueberry. Can use Sweet Dreams. Baby Blue 312
Private eye.jpg
Mojito Boy Cube Head 314
Ice cube guy in-drink.jpg
Dinner for two. Level 65 boss. Can use Sweet Dreams. Winter Fowl 570
Headless golden turkey.jpg
Mister Snow. Level 70 boss. Arctic Construct 650
Golem Snowman.jpg

Levels 71-80[]

Name Counterpart HP Thumbnail
Beach Blondie Gorgonite 328
Snake-woman blond ball-down.jpg
Snake-woman blond ball-up.jpg
Spoony. Can use Icy Tomb. Ice Blade 321
Floating spoon eyes-open.jpg
Floating spoon eyes-closed.jpg
Chilled Lamp. Can use Sweet Dreams. Frozen Spirit 323
Hot wax lamp blue.jpg
Pizza Muncher. Can use Icy Tomb. Shivershell 350
Blue-Masked Snapper mouth-open.jpg
Blue-Masked Snapper mouth-closed.jpg
Huey Vulture 323
Quacking Duck green.jpg
Strawberry Delight. Can use Sweet Dreams. Flabby 325
Strawberry Pudding with Spoon eyes-open.jpg
Strawberry Pudding with Spoon.jpg
Affectionate Widow Frost Spider 320
Heart tranatula yellow-black.jpg
Children's Terror. Level 75 boss. Can use Icy Tomb. General Pike 600
Balloon clown-goblin.jpg
Happy Place. Level 80 boss. Artifact 1 550
Floating box four-points.jpg
Hysteria. Level 80 boss. Can use Sweet Dreams. Artifact 7 575
Floating box eight-points.jpg
Friendly Ghost. Level 80 boss. Can use Icy Tomb. Pike's Ghost 700
Nice ghost.jpg
Detective of Death Legionnaire 550
Chinese Restaurant. Level 70 boss. Can use Sweet Dreams. Hyperborean 675

The Enlightening[]

Levels 81-90[]

Name Counterpart HP Thumbnail

Levels 91-99[]

Name Counterpart HP Thumbnail

Dungeon bosses[]

Name Counterpart HP Thumbnail
Cutelius Julius 1630


Alexandria 2930


Gaaan 5430


Garrik 9430
Lil' Daisy Demora 9430
Gizmo Binary 12430
Tucker Tengen 13430
Kelsie Kelzika 14430
Cheeks Berus 15430
Fabulo Ornos 38430

Stat scaling[]

Stat Enemy type Formula
HP Basic 230 * floor(level / 100) + base HP
5-level boss 350 * floor(level / 100) + base HP
10-level boss 400 * floor(level / 100) + base HP
100-level boss 20000 * floor(level / 1000) + base HP