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Dungeon Bosses[]

Monster Name HP ATK Rarity Skills Skills effects Dungeon Lvl. Defeat tips
First boss.png

1200 85 Fugue AoE Confuse (Targets have a chance to miss attack) 100 Easily kill.
Second Boss.png

2500 95 Double Strike Hits 2 Units (approx 55 dmg to each target). 200 Easily kill.
Third boss.png

5000 110 Kerfuffle AoE (approx 20 dmg to all targets). High chance of random status. 300 Use Hero's Blood, and start at level 290. Optionally, use Darkmage's skill to confuse.
Fourth boss.png

9000 125 Quake, Reform Quake: AoE (approx 63 damage to all targets).

Reform: Heals 650 HP, will spam this every turn at a certain HP or lower

weakness: Garrik takes 500 dmg per turn when burned or poisoned

400 Apply status effects and beat down (Boss may spam reform, damage should be killing faster than the 650 heal.)
Fifth boss.png

9000 137 Rise from the Grave Summons 2 skeletons with 400 HP each.Only re-summons when both skeletons are dead 500 Boss can ONLY be hurt by healing spells. (Healer , Healer, Healer, Healer, Knight.)
Sixth boss.png

12000 150 Bit Shift AoE, removes 50% of remaining HP from each party member

Weakness: Binary takes 500 dmg per turn when burned or poisoned

600 Refresh skill will heal entire party, apply status effects and beat down.
Seventh boss.png

13000 155 Fighting Spirit, Fury Chop Fighting Spirit: AoE (instantly kills all non-Fighters). Always uses this as his first attack when there is at least one non-Fighter in the party

Fury Chop: AoE (approx 150). Lowers ATK of all targets.

700 Healer, Merchant + 3 Fighters

Self heal team, 50/50 (Exit and re-try if doesn't halve health), repeatedly use either drop kick or piledriver.

Eighth boss.png

14000 160 Questionable Concoction AoE poison (Does 0 dmg when you have Status Immune) 800 Refresh skill will remove all status effects and heal, beat down and repeat
Nineth boss.png

15000 165 Crystallize, Icy Tomb Icy Tomb: AoE (approx 50 dmg to all targets)

Crystallize: Reduce damage taken weakness: Berus takes 500 dmg per turn when burned or poisoned.

900 Apply status effects, then quickly beat down.
Tenth boss.png

18000 180 Crystallize, Fury Chop,

Fugue, Double Strike, Bit Shift, Questionable Concoction

Weakness: Ornos takes 500 dmg per turn when burned or poisoned. 1000 Apply status effects then beat down, remember to self-heal.


  • Binary will say "I have failed" in binary when you win.