Soda Dungeon Wiki

Gold Icon gold.png[]

Gold is the main Currency in Soda Dungeon. Purchases with gold include basic equipment at the shop, Upgrades to the Tavern, Assistants and special Upgrades at the VIP store, new Soda types to attract new adventuring classes, and Pets at the Stable. It can be exchanged for Essence with a ratio of 5,000 Gold : 1 Essence (after the Magic Well is purchased). The maximum gold cap is 1,500,000,000 Gold (1.5 Billion) and if the cap is successfully reached then it is automatically exchanged for a Mystic Cap (this automatic exchange feature may be enabled or disabled at will after the first transmutation). Gold can be earned by killing Monsters, opening Chests after Boss Battles or by selling equipment at the Armory. It is split into nine different Icons:

  • 1 Gold = Bigmoney1.png
  • 5 Gold = Bigmoney5.png
  • 10 Gold = Bigmoney10.png
  • 20 Gold = Bigmoney20.png
  • 50 Gold = Bigmoney50.png
  • 100 Gold = Bigmoney100.png
  • 250 Gold = Bigmoney250.png
  • 500 Gold = Bigmoney500.png
  • 1000 Gold = Bigmoney1000.png

Each monster gives an amount of gold which is equal to (Enemy health+50% Enemy Damage)*Gold Multiplier. Your multiplier is 100% plus any bonuses from the Liquid Gold relic plus any bonus from items.

Completing the 3v3 tournament at a specific Difficulty rewards a small amount of Gold

  • Level 1: 1000 Gold
  • Level 2: 2000 Gold
  • Level 3: 3000 Gold
  • Level 4: 5000 Gold

Essence Icon essence.png[]

Essence is the second most common currency in the game. It is used to upgrade Relics. Essence can be acquired through killing enemies with a glowing purple aura, by exchanging Gold in the Magic Well,or by completing the 3v3 tournament at a specific Difficulty:

  • Level 5: 15 Essence
  • Level 6: 30 Essence
  • Level 7: 45 Essence
  • Level 8: 60 Essence
  • Level 9: 1 Relic Token
  • Magic Well: 5000 Gold x Essence

An enemy with a glowing purple aura always gives a number of essence equal to the dungeon level divided by 200, rounded up to a whole number, plus one for bosses (when the dungeon level is divisible by 10). There is never more than one enemy with a glowing purple aura (i.e. with essence) in each level, and never in a level divisible by 100. The probability of there being one in each level is the "essence chance" which is increased by the Effervescence relic and items (such as Essence Tokens), but when this is more than 100% there is no additional effect. So there is no point to increasing the Effervescence relic above level 100 (even though it has no max level), and when the relic is level 100 or more, then Essence Tokens have no effect.

The number of essence required to increase the level of a relic equals: relic level ^ 1.3 (rounded to the nearest whole number).

Relic Token Icon token.png[]

Relic Tokens can be acquired by completing the 3v3 tournament at Difficulty 9. They can be spent to level up a Relic by one without spending Essence. Relic tokens may be acquired once every four hours, and it is recommended that these tokens be saved until relic upgrades are infeasible with Essence or Mystic Caps.

Mystic Caps Icon cap.png[]

Mystic Caps can be acquired by reaching the Gold Cap, which is 1.5 Billion. Then 1 Billion Gold will be automatically converted into one Mystic Cap (this can be switched off at the Wizard and doesn't activate until after leaving the dungeon when the cap is first reached).

Mystic Caps can be used to upgrade Relics +10 and +100. Upgrading relics with Caps is less efficient than with Gold (via converting Gold to Essence), because the number of Caps required to upgrade 100 levels equals the number of Essence that those 100 levels would have required, divided by 200000, rounded up to the next whole number. In other words, if you convert Gold to Essence and use Essence, then you get to keep the remainder (up to 200000 Essence), but if you use Caps then you lose the leftover fraction of a Cap. This may still be preferable at high levels, since you don't have to leave the dungeon every time you reach 1.5 Billion, and the lost remainder is a smaller fraction of the total.

Mystic Caps can also be used to purchase the premium characters: Wizard, Gladiator, Shopkeeper and Owner, as well as more relics in the final dimension by accessing the portal.

1 cap Tap Select (allows toggling of which party members are available in the tavern)

5 caps Void Cola (unlocks Shifter party member)

25 caps Gladiator party member unlocked

50 caps Shopkeeper or Wizard party members unlocked

100 caps Owner party member unlocked

The cost of mystic caps per 100 relic levels increases by one at certain relic level intervals.

Cost of 100 Level Relic Increase For One to Six Cap Intervals

Relic Level Cost Of 100 Level Increase
1-296 1 cap
297-540 2 caps
541-756 3 caps
757-955 4 caps
956-1144 5 caps
1145-1323 6 caps
1324-1496 7 caps
1497-1664 8 caps
1665-1826 9 caps
1827-1985 10 caps
1986-2139 11 caps
2140-2291 12 caps
2292-2440 13 caps
2441-2586 14 caps
2587-2729 15 caps
2730-2871 16 caps
2872-3010 17 caps
3011-3148 18 caps
3149-3284 19 caps
3011-3418 20 caps
3419-3550 21 caps
3551-3681 22 caps

Item Bags[]

Item Bags show that an Item dropped, the color of the Bag indicates what rarity the Item is :

  • Loot item.png= normal Item
  • Loot item rare.png= rare Item
  • Loot item legendary.png= legendary Item
  • Loot item mythic.png= mythic Item